Geopoliticus Child

This painting by Salvador Dali, The Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, is my choice for an image to represent the main themes of this book. It depicts the birth struggle of a "New Man", a global citizen, who accepts responsibility for being the steward and guardian of the earth. The woman and child who look on represent the concepts of care and vulnerability which form the underpinning of the ethic of global responsibility which must come into being as the means to repair the world system. The image of the Geopoliticus Child, which Dali painted in 1943 during the Second World War, depicts the present world as "broken." The broken world cannot be repaired and made whole again until new men are born who act with a sense of global moral responsibility.

This book is an exercise in philosophical midwifery intended to assist the birth struggle of such new men.

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Morton Winston said...

I believe this comment translates as: Life is like surging waves. If they are not stopped by the rocks, how can they create a beautiful spray? A nice thought about the Tao.